about me

Hi, my name is Dalton Woodard. I am a university student studying mathematics and philosophy. My interests in mathematics lie mostly in logic, foundations, algebra, and topology, although I do indulge a slight analytical bent with regard to measure theory and integration. My philosophical interests tend towards the theory of knowledge, free will and determinism, and the philosophy of mind. I also enjoy writing and photography.

I program a fair amount on the side. Most of my development occurs in C++ and C for experimenting in library development, systems & network programming, OS kernel development, and mathematical utilities.

I am currently finishing up my last semester at university. I begin work this summer as a Software Development Engineer at Esri. If you are a recruiter and are interested in contacting me and/or receiving a copy of my resume please feel free to get in touch. Please note, however, that I am not currently seeking out job opportunities.

about this website


This website is a repository of my work and interests -- but patience, it's currently under construction. The design is based off of the Wells template. If you are interested, I also wrote a blog post detailing the design.

The name is a mishmash of some existentialist philosophy and measure theory. By "void" I am referring to the belief that life is ultimately meaningless from an objective viewpoint. To say that something is true "almost everywhere" is, very roughly speaking, to say that points where the proposition in question fails are isolated from one another. Therefore, what I mean by "void (almost everywhere)" is that we are individuals -- isolated points in The Universe -- where meaning does exist, but only insofar as we create this meaning for ourselves.